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Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy. When you hear the name, you probably immediately think, “Oh, that guy wrote War and Peace, right? Isn’t that like a thousand pages?” Yes, and yes. But he did more than that. I would probably be thinking he was best known only for War and Peace and Anna Karenina, too, if I wasn’t doing a 15 minute seminar on his written works and their impact, among other things. He wrote countless political essays and short stories, some of which I’ve been lucky enough to read in my pursuit of knowledge. On of his short stories, A Landowner’s Morning, is semi-autobiographical, and about, yeah, you guessed it, a day in the life of a landowner. During Leo’s time, people who owned land were called Princes of their land, and they had people living on their land, referred to as ‘serfs’. Leo was a landowner at one time, and the experience of leaving university to go work for his people strongly affected Leo. So much so, he wrote a short story depicting the same event.
Tolstoy’s writing is praised, not because it’s lengthy or because his stories are interesting. His writing style is real- when you read his writing, you’ll be hard pressed to not see the setting, or feel what the character is feeling. This one excerpt from A Landowner’s Morning really stands out to me, and keep in mind, this piece was written before both War and Peace and Anna Karenina, the two works that are considered his best.

“Churis’s abode consisted of a crumbling log shack, rotting at the corners, sloping to one side and so sunk into the ground that a small window with a broken pane and a shutter torn off one of its hinges and one other window, stopped up with tow, were only just visible above the manure heap. A log-built passageway with a dirty threshold and a low door, another small log shack, even lower and more ancient than the passage, a gate and a wattle shed clustered next to the main building. All this had at one time or other been covered by a single uneven roof; now, however, rotting black thatch hung thickly only on the eaves, while laths and rafters were in places clearly visible. In the front of the yard was a well with ramshackle wooden sides, the remains of a post and pulley, and a dirty puddle which had been trampled by cattle and in which ducks were now splashing about.”

Don’t you see Churis’s little house, all decrepit and wanting? I can’t help but see it.

Anyway, since I love to procrastinate, I thought maybe I would do so about something I’m actually somewhat doing. Makes sense? Nah, didn’t think so.


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I have a philosophy test. Tomorrow. And am I studying, currently? Nope. (didn’t think so, said the part of me that always quotes songs.)
For the record, I did study. I know that the ontological argument was created by some guy with Canterbury or Salem or Selam in his name, and that it basically states that God is perfect, and God has to exist because if he didn’t exist, he wouldn’t be perfect. That one is so simple, but I find myself sputtering and saying, “But… but what? But how is perfection a basis for existence? And secondly, what is meant by ‘perfection’?”
I also know that the Cosmological theory is that since humans and creatures and everything on the planet had to be created, something had to create them, and that something is a higher power. Don’t know how I feel about that one, either, but whatever, I guess.
And, the Argument from Design is the theory that because the world is so orderly- because everything makes sense, essentially- someone had to make it. And que the higher power.

I have to know a ton more about metaphysics and its parts. Like, for example, hard deteminism, soft determinism, eliminitivism, freedom, Descartes. Ugh. I’m not looking forward to my test tomorrow, but I’m way too lazy to continue studying.
What to do?

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Do you know what I’m supposed to be doing right now, dear reader? Probably not. Well, I’m supposed to be studying for a large test I have tomorrow, but I’m getting easily distracted.
It could be because this is the most uninteresting subject and Jesus Christ Superstar spontaneously came on my computer. Don’t look at me- I didn’t put it on. Computer has a mind of its own.
If only I wasn’t such a loon, maybe I would tell people how I feel instead of bottling up my feelings and expecting to make myself feel better when I know I can’t.

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Good Evening

I should paint my room, or maybe just one wall. But it’d be weird to have my room 75% purple and 25% sea foam green.

a recent old picture of me

So that this blog has a face, here’s half of mine.

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An Intro of Sorts

I’m Daniela, and so far, I’m a mess. But not in a bad way, really. I’m a mess in a funny way. 
I really love stuff; movies, music, history, model UNs, TV shows, books, guitars, art, philosophy… I guess I kinda like everything, except brussell sprouts. Not a huge fan of those. Not a huge fan of labeling my beliefs, either. Hm. Guess I don’t like everything, at all. Cool.
I’ll be using this blog to talk about all the stuff I like, and maybe some things I go through. I’ve got a full life and a lot of opinions. I’m rather naive, and I’m rather delusional, but that’s alright.
If you want to ask me something (“do you really have a superiority complex?” “do you think pigs may ever fly?” “your essay on Niccolo Machiavelli, why did you write it on that guy?”) I will totally answer you. If somehow this blog becomes popular and a ton of people start asking me stuff, then we’ll probably have to reevaluate that statement.
I have a bunch of accounts on a bunch of sites. One on pinterest, one on deviantART one on Twitter, Facebook, also bandcamp and StumbleUpon. I guess at some point I’ll post those all on here, so maybe if you’re interested in my blog, you’ll be interested in those aspects of my life, too.
I hope that some of the things I write inspire you. I want to be a teacher because I want to help people realise their true potential. I’m here to make you feel something. I write music, I have an EP, and that’s always what I am to do- make you feel. So please, don’t hesitate to let me know a memory or a feeling my anything gives you.

Thanks for reading this. Really, thanks. You’re helping increase my self-esteem.


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