I have a philosophy test. Tomorrow. And am I studying, currently? Nope. (didn’t think so, said the part of me that always quotes songs.)
For the record, I did study. I know that the ontological argument was created by some guy with Canterbury or Salem or Selam in his name, and that it basically states that God is perfect, and God has to exist because if he didn’t exist, he wouldn’t be perfect. That one is so simple, but I find myself sputtering and saying, “But… but what? But how is perfection a basis for existence? And secondly, what is meant by ‘perfection’?”
I also know that the Cosmological theory is that since humans and creatures and everything on the planet had to be created, something had to create them, and that something is a higher power. Don’t know how I feel about that one, either, but whatever, I guess.
And, the Argument from Design is the theory that because the world is so orderly- because everything makes sense, essentially- someone had to make it. And que the higher power.

I have to know a ton more about metaphysics and its parts. Like, for example, hard deteminism, soft determinism, eliminitivism, freedom, Descartes. Ugh. I’m not looking forward to my test tomorrow, but I’m way too lazy to continue studying.
What to do?

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