I attempt to be passionate in all my endeavors. If I am not passionate about it, then I will not attempt it. I gave a presentation on slavery (here, if you’re interested) today, and my teacher specifically described it as passionate. I wonder if he was not being facetious when he was doing so. I hope not, because that would only make me like him less. But I digress.
I believe in passion. I believe that without passion for anything we wouldn’t have religion, politics, philosophy. Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and most religions profess love for others. Politics… well, politics.
I’m not sure how I feel about what my teacher said. I just thought I would post something not ridiculously personal. I was going to write a piece about my thoughts on Christmas, but, well, I suppose I am simply not up to the task, yet.
Anywho, thank you dear reader!

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