I’m writing this post from school. I’m on my lunch hanging out in our school’s student council’s office/classroom, and listening to Los Campesinos! with my friends. This is empowering. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon on how to make shoes sparkle-y. I won’t be doing that often because most of my craft activities I get from other websites; but if everything goes right, these shoes will have removable sparkle sections. Strange, right? No clue what I mean? It’s okay, you will.
Another update: I’m thinking of making a page in conjunction to my article, My Three Bs, called My Three As. This article would include my three favourite bands/artists who begin with the letter A. Not sure if I should do this, but I might.
My exams are coming up. Also coming up, my school’s semi-formal. I’m starting to feel old, realising that I’ll be graduating soon. To leave high school is a strange thought to me. You get so much more time to build up to the transition into high school, but barely any time to build up the transition into University. I have supplementaries due that can only be 90 characters, and 300 word essays to write. Not to mention applying for scholarships. I wrote a piece earlier called University Applications and Sailor Moon, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I wish I could just apply and wait for acceptance instead of putting my whole high school experience on paper, virtual or otherwise.
So, that’s everything I’m going through now. It’s a little daunting, so if you have any advice, that’d be great. 🙂

Thanks for reading. You’re fantastic.

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