I was in a Wendy’s with my dad today, and we were ordering food.

Dad: “You gonna get a classic combo?”
Me: “Yeah, sure. but I think instead of fries, I’ll get a baked potato.”
D: “Interesting.”

Then daddy said a wonderful thing to me. He said,

“I should probably get a salad, but I don’t want to live forever.”

My father, everyone. I’m quite proud of that. I promptly agreed with him, and slathered sour cream on my potato when I went to eat it. This doesn’t mean one should live a life of gluttony, in this case, or subscribe to the statement “You Only Live Once”, but it means that you should do what you enjoy, while still being happy. I suppose that if you are happy eating and eating and sleeping and sleeping and partying until you puke, you’re really ahead of the pack- at least you are happy.

I respect you, people who enjoy themselves and live on a whim. I wish that I could live my life that easily. I, unfortunately, make life way more complicated than it is and I probably always will. I do hope to be happy one day, but the near future for me spells disaster.
C’est la vie.

My feelings right now remind me of the story The Good Brahmin. The story, by Voltaire, looks at the pursuit of happiness.
Would you give up everything you know, if it meant you could be happy?

I wouldn’t. I can’t. It would go against everything I believe in. I love learning, I love knowing, I love being able to speak to people about interesting things. But on the other hand, to be able to just live and be free of all the confines that society puts on you and that knowledge puts on you… wouldn’t that be grand? Wouldn’t it be perfect?


This post used to be a page; but now it’s a post. 

Wendy’s Revelations

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