Celebrities with Double Initials

Criteria: the person has to be a celebrity/prominent figure (ie literary characters of note or athletes) of any generation, living or dead, and must have double initials either in their stage name or their real name.

Emilio Estevez
Helen Hunt
Jesse James
Susan Sarandon
Mark McGrath
Mandy Moore
Gretta Garbo
Tina Turner
Marshal Mathers
Wil Wheton
Joshua Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Janet Jackson
Ricky Romero
Gilbert Godfried
Hulk Hogan
Marcus Mumford
Rachel Ray
Michael Moore
Frances Fisher
Wendy Wilson
Adam Ant
Charlie Chaplin
Chris Cornell
Kiera Knightly
Amy Adams
Jenna Jameson
Tito Torres
Gina Gershon
Annie Archer
Lucy Lawless
Lyle Lovett
Tiny Tim
Tommy Tune
Marilyn Monroe
Barbara Bach
Steven Segal
Silvester Stallone
Walt Whitman
Vince Vaughn
Lindsay Lohan
Farrah Fawcett
Rob Reiner
Lucy Liu
Bobby Brown
Marilyn Manson
Mike Meyers
Donna Dixon
Priscilla Presley
Courtney Cox
Kim Kardashian etc
Barry Bostwick
Marla Maples
Doris Day
Chevy Chase
Roy Rogers
Adam Arkin
Mark Messier
Travis Tritt
Phil Phillips
Nick Nolte
Sophie Simmons
Charmain Carr
Danny DeVito
Dom DeLouise
Billy Baldwin
Janet Jones
Alan Alda
Brian Bosworth
Dorothy Dandridge
Michael Madsen
Matthew McConnaghay
Arthur Ashe

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