A Funny Story and a Quote

Today I became friends with my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend (the girl he dated after me). It felt good, not just because I knew it would annoy him and after everything he put me through at the end and after I felt he deserved to be annoyed, but also because she seems like a really great person. We have mutual friends who felt uncomfortable putting us in the same room together, and now we can all hang out. I have to say that I’m ecstatic about being able to enjoy their company in a more comfortable social setting considering they really are good people.

If for no other reason, today was a good day. There’s a quote from a movie I love called to Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo are DRAG QUEENS, and Robin Williams makes an appearance as well as RuPaul, and Christ Penn, and Stockard Channing… the list goes on. Basically it’s a great fucking movie y’all) and it goes like this

“Oh, get with the program mijas, no one is so rich as to throw away a friend!”

And I’m grateful to have a friend, especially one who I can bitch about my ex with. You know?

(just go to tumblr and search To Wong Foo. There are so many gifs, my heart is just so happy.)

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