11.11.12 (thoughts on God)

I feel as though people are too fascinated with the idea of a ‘higher power’. I think that we’ll never know if God or gods or goddesses exist, and I’m fine with that.  I believe in unbridled faith in something, in anything, but why does it have to have a name? I have faith in little ways and big ways; we all do. I have faith my car will start in the morning and I have faith that my significant other won’t cheat on me. These leaps of faith are just as indescribable as faith that there’s a God. So, why do we feel the need to search for something more?

I know I’m content thinking that I’ll never know if there’s a God. I don’t  want to know, either.

it’s like humanity so badly wants to be remembered they’ll do anything to achieve this goal.

kind of sad when you think about it.


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