Enter Shikari

If you haven’t heard of this band, you’re not alone. It seems as though half of the people I know have also not heard of this band, which is a pity.
I think I was in eighth grade when I started listening to this band, maybe seventh. Their rage filled vocals and electronic music was exactly what the younger version of me adored. I listened to their music frequently, and when I went to Windsor with my family to see some friends (we go to Windsor, Ontario because of it’s proximity to the border. We then go to Michigan to shop. Flint, Michigan, usually.) I begged my mother to take me to a music store where I may purchase their CD, as it was not sold in Canada at the time.
My musical tastes have changed since I was 13 or 14; I don’t listen to screamo anymore, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about My Chemical Romance. But for some reason, I still love Enter Shikari. I saw them live at Warped Tour a couple years ago, and they exceeded my expectations. They’re an amazing band with a real passion for what they do. They tour frequently, write frequently and keep their fans enthralled during their  shows.
The reason I write this is because I recently found their album again. I had put it on my iPod, and miraculously it played. I bought their second album when it came out, and my morning and afternoon commute consisted of Rou’s voice in my ears and Rory’s guitar playing piercing my heart. It was an interesting experience. I’m about to look into the third album, and I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully it’ll be as fantastic as their previous albums.
So, I ask that you maybe give them a listen. Here’s one of my favourite songs. It was one of the first I had ever heard. I remember this guy I used to talk to told me about them. He hates me now, but hopefully he still enjoys this band.

Mothership, for your listening pleasure.
their first album, Take to the Skies, and their second, Common Dreads. as well as their third, A Flash Flood of Colour.


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