New Music Wednesday: Joni Mitchell

I am well aware that Joni Mitchell is not even in the least bit new. But, I’ve started actually listening to her music, and that’s why I’m mentioning her (albiet, late).

Joni Mitchell is straight out of the Prairies, and I’m pretty sure that’s where she gets her folk sound from. Her father was a pilot and her mother was a teacher. She moved around as a kid, and moved around more as an adult. She busked in Vancouver, Saskatoon, and Toronto, and as I recall, spent some time in Michigan, as well.

I wrote about Sam Roberts last week and talked about Canadiana. Joni Mitchell is the definition of Canadiana. Her music speaks volumes to the artistry that Canadian music is and I only wish that more songwriters like her get/got recognition. She writes beautiful music that can only be her own; Canadiana is the closest one could come to genre-ifying it. She truly is a music icon and represents the folk roots of Canadian music perfectly.

There’s not much else I can say; but do read her biography on Wikipedia because its seriously pretty interesting. She led a cool life. If I could reccomend any of her songs, I’d say listen to Big Yellow Taxi (also the Counting Crows version because why not), the Circle Game, Both Sides Now, and California.

It’s too bad at one point she gave up her Canadian citizenship. That makes me sad. But too bad, Joni, you were still Canadian even if you didn’t live here, and you’re a musical icon no matter where you’re from, so.



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