New Music Wednesday: ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen

Here’s a link to the scene in the movie where this song plays if you haven’t seen the film yet (and to be clear, I’m talking about the film version, not the Demi Lovato version)!

I am absolutely in love with Disney. I think that they have produced some of the greatest films in the last 100 years and they’ve only grown as a company to be so much more than just a film production company. But a lot of people would probably disagree so this piece wont be about that. But it will be about this song from Disney’s new feature Frozen, which is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone.

The movie version of this song is sung by the amazing Idina Menzel, who is probably best known for her role in Rentbut also played Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked and was on Glee for a while, too. She’s done a million different things, and I swear, I would listen to this lady sing the phone book. She’s right up there for me with Freddie Mercury and Maria Callas, but that’s just my personal view. Seeing as it’s, apparently, Woman Crush Wednesday, I guess it makes sense that I’m praising her! But what I wanted to get across is that Idina is perfect at playing strong female roles, and this song just shows how great of an actress and artist she is.

This song is all about coming into your own as a person. It’s about accepting how you are, being confident in yourself, and letting loose the true power inside you! That’s just me being sort of cheesy, but the song really does say all those things. This isn’t the first song Idina’s sung about acceptance, power, and strength in her career. Check out Defying Gravity from Wicked and I would even say Take Me or Leave Me from Rent. For a week I made Defying Gravity the first song I heard in the morning just because it was so inspiring, and I think you really need that kind of thing in your life.

The lyrics in this song apply perfectly to the film, while still being general enough that you could sing this song in public and no one would know it was from a Disney film. What really makes this song amazing is the growth you see in the character in less than four minutes. It’s truly amazing, and if you get a chance to listen to the song, I’m sure you’ll feel empowered.

Something I love about the video, though, is all the detail the artists put into it. For example, about a minute and a half in, when Elsa is letting go of her cape, the pure sass in her face when she says, “The cold never bothered me anyway,” is just astounding. Also, when she’s finally letting her hair down later in the video, she kinda does this groovy body roll, and I can’t get over just how well-animated this film is. It has a lot of little details in it like that, and watch out for them if you get a chance to watch it.


All in all, this is a fantastic song, sung by a fantastic woman in a fantastic film. Check it out!


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