New Music Wednesday: Sam Roberts

So, New Music Wednesday isn’t just about new/indie artists being put in the spotlight, but artists/bands that I’m just finding out about or that I think more people should know about. That’s why this week’s segment is about Sam Roberts and the Sam Roberts Band.

I’m a huge, large, enormous  fan of Canadian music, being Canadian myself. Sam Roberts is one of my biggest influences, and I’m actually surprised every time I mention him as an influence of mine and everyone looks at me blankly. Most Canadians are familiar with his music, but not the name, which is paradoxical and upsetting, because he and his band do deserve recognition for the work they’ve done in the modern Canadian music scene.

I am unable to describe Canadiana as a genre. It’s perhaps best described as Canadian Country Indie Pop, but that’s not even enough, and to put those restrictions on it is actually almost painful. Canadiana is a style all its own, and should be appreciated as such. Not ever band or artist that comes out of Canada has that Canadiana style, of course. But Sam Roberts, the Tragically Hip, Neil Young, The Trews, Joni Mitchell, the Barenaked Ladies all seem to embody, for me, what Canadiana is. But lets go back to Sam Roberts for a minute.

 look at this gorgeous face.

Growing up in Toronto when MuchMusic used to play music videos all the time it was hard not to hear Sam Roberts everywhere. His songs like Don’t Walk Away, Eileen and later, Young Kids, were always playing, and you couldn’t help but know the words. It was only a few years ago that I started to explore his music more deeply and I found songs like Uprising Down Under (a song I do a cover of quite frequently) and Taj Mahal. The ingenuity with which the songs were written just astounded me, and I found myself wanting to make music like this, and to this day, I still list the Sam Roberts Band as one of my main influences.

So, if you want to listen to awesome music, check out Sam Roberts and the Sam Roberts Band. Check out the other bands I’ve mentioned here as well as a few others that I, personally, consider to be Canadiana, like, The Band (which is about half, really), or Gordon Lightfoot (wow I should have mentioned him sooner, he’s definitely Canadiana). Better still, check out the fabulous Songza playlist entitled Classic Canadiana which includes so many other artists that are Canadian and fantastic (some I don’t necessarily consider Canadiana but that’s just my opinion, of course).

This has been another segment of New Music Wednesday!




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