Hey, everyone. This is going to be more of a rant than a Love Something, but it does still count since all of this anger stems from love. Too much love.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen the Coachella lineup for this year yet, or if you even know what Coachella is. Let me explain; Coachella is a music festival that occurs in California every year. They’re known for bringing together amazing acts that would probably only play near each other on a teenager’s iPod (namely, my iPod). Usually I don’t check out the lineups to things like this because I usually can’t go. This year is no different. But my friend sent me a picture of the lineup, and I, begrudgingly, checked it out. Here’s a picture of it so you can freak out with me.

When I carefully read through this lineup several times, I became severely depressed. I think I lost brain cells being so depressed. Let’s start with the obvious:


I can’t believe my white, mid-2000s-music-loving ass is going to miss that. Girl Talk? I’ve wanted to see him live for years; his mashups are legendary. Ellie Goulding seems like she’d put on a good show. HAIM! They’re so cool, three sisters rockin’ out and singin’ harmonies. Um, the mother-fucking Cult? I can’t deal. There are more that I could freak out about, but this just Friday’s lineup.

MUSE. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. FATBOY SLIM. PET SHOP BOYS. I seriously can’t just list all the amazing bands I love from the remainder of the three days. But, come on, THE PET SHOP BOYS? FATBOY SLIM? And on Sunday, NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL? BECK? DUCK SAUCE? FISHBONE? I am having a very hard time with this in case none of you noticed. Those are just the popular bands that I enjoy that are going; that’s legitimately only half of the amazing bands/artists who are going to be there that I would really love to see.

The bottom line of this post is this: I love the majority of these bands going. This is one event that I would seriously pay large amounts of money for, simply because of all the talent cuddled in a beautiful valley of beauty. But why can’t I go, you may ask. Well, here’s the reason: it falls during exam season.

The life of a University student. I guess I just have to pray Osheaga is even half as good.

Check out all of these bands on Youtube. If you want to know my favourite songs by them, you should ask! 


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