This movie is so great. You probably know it because of this video here

And the subsequent quote in it.

This movie has been one of my favourites for a very long time; probably since I found out about it in, what, 2006? Probably. I went through a Queen phase.

One reason I really like this movie is the emphasis on Scottish culture. Who doesn’t love the Scots? They’re an interesting people with an interesting background of struggle. The kilts they wear in the film, hilariously, do not expressly belong to the Clan MacLeod. Doing some quick Google searching will give you that information. It actually more closely resembles the ancient MacKay tartan. We wore kilts at my high school (all girl’s school, it’s a thing), and the pattern we wore was, according to my school board, after the MacKinnon tartan. It’s based heavily off one particular type of MacKinnon, but with some differences. I wonder who picked this style of plaid.

Another reason I like this film is because it honestly and truly is original to me. When I watch it now, and I think about it, I’m in awe that I’ve never seen anything like it before besides remakes. The whole concept is just so fascinating. They could’ve done way more with it, I feel, and I guess they tried to do so with sequels, but those never really succeeded.

Let me tell you why I hate the Aliens theory they have in later films: it doesn’t matter. Some things you just can’t explain. I think that the writers and producers on this film series would’ve made the whole thing better if, like in the first movie, they didn’t try to explain why Connor MacLeod was an immortal. Aliens seems like a cop-out to really explaining it because everything is aliens, right, internet? I mean, why sully this perfectly good weird phenomenon with an explanation? It takes away from the whole series, I think, and turns it more into a film on the same playing field as The Room.

But, I’m not talking about the series. I’m really just talking about the brilliant film simply entitled Higlander. I could watch that film a hundred times and still never get bored with it. I seriously love it for all of its eighties-ness. The concept is brilliant, and if it was based off of a book or a folk tale, anything, please tell me in the comments because I love folk tales and I love books. I could look it up, but you could also just tell me.

Fun fact: Clancy Brown (the Kurgan) does the voice of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob.

Enjoy this hilarious clip from the film. Maybe it’s not supposed to be hilarious but, its hilarious.


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