Mirror, Mirror

Howdy, partners! On this segment of Love Something Thursday I’ll be talking about the fabulous film I just watched, Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, and Armie Hammer (what a fabulous name). 

This movie is based on the story of Snow White, but is much quirkier and changes the story quite a bit. If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Snow White, I think you really need to reconnect with your inner child. But basically, Snow White’s evil Step-Mother the Wicked Queen rules over the land, and in her pride wants Snow White killed because Snow is gorgeous. She sends a guy out to kill her, he doesn’t, she meets these dwarves who she befriends, the Queen finds out she’s still alive, and here’s the part you probably know, gives Snow a poison apple, which causes her to fall asleep until she is kissed by her true love. The rest I’m sure you can imagine.

So, yeah, cheesy. Disney did it back in the day, as you probably know. The same year Mirror, Mirror came out, though, so did a movie that was far more popular entitled Snow White and the Huntsman. The reason this movie was more popular, I think, was, for one thing, that it came out at a better date (June 1st), whereas Mirror, Mirror came out in March. Another reason is probably because Kristen Stewart, the lead in SWH, was quite popular at the time, having just finished the Twilight movie series (you can Google that yourself, I refuse to search for a link to that film cycle).


What I really appreciated about Mirror, Mirror was the approach it took on the classic story. Obviously quite a bit of it is still the same; the Wicked Queen is indeed wicked and tries to have Snow killed, and that doesn’t happen, but instead of the Prince saving Snow with ‘true love’s first kiss’, she actually saves him from a lifetime spent at the Wicked Queen’s beck and call as her husband. the Seven Dwarves are bandits, and they train Snow in the art of badassery. She sword fights with her Prince, and though he pretty much bests her, she does get the best of him.

The film does take some liberties; I mean, there’s a Bollywood-style dance sequence (who knew Lily Collins could sing as well as her dad?) during the credits, and also, Snow White is wearing gaucho pants. But the whole thing is still spectacular. The colours are vivid (that’s not just the HD) and Lily Collins does a good job playing the naive and then slightly-less-naive-but-still-believable Snow White. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a cool take on an old story in a beautiful way.

I think what I really like about this movie is that despite the sadness of the story, it still remains up beat. In that sense, it feels a bit like a darker Disney film. I appreciate that Snow White wasn’t all that independent (without the Prince helping her in the final battle scene, she probably would have died), but at the same time, she is shown making her own decisions and doing her own thing. I liked that the dwarves had their own identities, too. They were bandits, which gave them much more character than if they were miners (but Disney wasn’t really known for their character development then) going day-in and day-out to the mines to mine. Mine.

Watch this film because every time someone chooses this one over SWH, a dwarf finds a diamond. In a mine.


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